Letter A Alphabet Conversation Cards

Free Printable Alphabet Conversation Cards~Letter A

Today I’m excited to be starting a new series all about getting kids talking! Okay, getting kids to talk isn’t exactly a challenge, but strengthening oral vocabulary and conversation skills are important early learning goals. For this series, we’re going to be sharing free printable conversation cards that go along with each letter of the alphabet. For each letter there will be ten printable cards to choose from. The cards can be used in a variety of ways. Here are just a {Read More}

Monster Play Dough Invitation

Monster Dough Tray

There’s no doubt we love play dough around here. When the girls asked what else we were going to do with our monster tray after all of the monster activities we’ve been doing lately, I said, “What about play dough?” And this little invitation was born… We already had most of the materials in our tray, but you can gather a variety of collage materials. We used googly eyes, chenille stems, jewels, and colored straws cut into small pieces. We also {Read More}

Books About Dogs

Fluffy, Playful and Cuddly Stories About Dogs~Click through to read summaries of our favorite dog books for kids

If you are a dog person you know that they hold a special place in your heart and family. We are dog people and Little Bit will be quick to tell you how much she loves dogs which is why we read lots of dog books. For that reason I have a long list of books that you can read to your dog lover. If you aren’t a dog lover maybe these books will change your mind. There are so {Read More}

Headband Monster Craft for Kids

Headband Monster Craft for Kids

We always have so much fun with our spider headbands this time of year, so I thought it would be fun to make a new version. These monsters are just as fun, and I love that kids can get creative with their own monster designs. We started with some basic craft materials: paper, jewels, googly eyes, curling ribbon, straws, and chenille stems. If you have sentence strips they’ll come in handy for making the headbands, but we only head regular {Read More}

Chalk Skeleton Craft

Halloween Art-Skeleton

Isn’t it interesting how one year kids are terrified by certain things, and the next they are suddenly very intrigued by them? In the past all things considered even slightly spooky were of no interest to my girls. Now that all the Halloween decorations are out this year the girls have been asking about things like monsters and bones. This chalk skeleton craft was inspired by their new enthusiasm. Not only is it a great learning activity, it also makes a fun {Read More}

Mini Pumpkin Name Game

Name Game for Fall

Whether kids are learning their names, sight words, or math facts, it’s always a bit more fun with hands-on games and tangible materials. This real mini pumpkin patch name game is something Tinker requests almost daily, and she always notices if I forget to set it out for the day. I love it because it’s super simple. Just grab one pumpkin for each letter in your child’s name. Write each individual letter on an individual pumpkin. Then set up the play invitation. I decided {Read More}

Spider Books for Kids

16 Fiction and Nonfiction Books About Spiders. Click through to see the full list with book summaries and activity suggestions

Most people cringe at the sight or thought of a spider. If your idea of a spider is less than pleasant, check out our book list to find out about how helpful spiders are and read stories about friendly spiders. Enjoy our creepy crawly books and take another look the world of spiders. Books About Spiders This post contains affiliate links. Fiction Aaaarrgghh! Spider! By Lydia Monks Aaaarrgghh! Spider! Is a sweet story of a spider that just wants to {Read More}

DIY Spider Ring

Spider ring 2

A while back we made fireworks rings by accident. The girls had so much fun with them that I thought it would be fun to make our own spider rings. They are quick and easy, and you probably have the craft supplies to make them already. We made two different sizes. For the large rings we started with four full size chenille stems and one half size stem. We also used two pom poms, one small and one large.  Our {Read More}

Monster Books for Kids

15+ Not-So-Scary Books About Monsters. Click through for the full list and book summaries.

Do your little ones like monsters? There are so many great books about silly, funny, sweet, and non-scary monsters. Monster books are fun to read around Halloween time with monster lovers or if your little one is asking questions about monsters. Enjoy our monstrous list of books. Picture Books About Monsters   This post contains affiliate links. The Monstore by Tara Lazar The Monstore was Little Bit’s favorite monster book by far; we read this book so many times. Zack wants {Read More}

Monster Craft Creative Art Activity

Monster Faces~A Halloween Invitation to Create

After exploring ways to make monster faces on mirrors we decided to make some that last a bit longer. Using a few basic craft supplies kids can get creative and come up with their own silly or scary monster craft. Materials We used almost the same exact materials we did for the monster faces tray except I traded out the googly eyes for some sticker eyes. That really wasn’t necessary, but the girls have been eager to use the stickers and {Read More}