Reindeer ABC Matching Christmas Learning Activity

Earlier this week I shared our reindeer play dough invitation that was inspired by a few twigs in the yard. The smooth chocolaty play dough we made for that was just begging to be used for more play and learning, so I put it to use in this alphabet matching activity. Use it as a fun Christmas learning activity to practice the ABCs. Materials Affiliate link included. Chocolate play dough (see full recipe in the reindeer play dough post) Googly {Read More}

ABC Cookies Preschool Alphabet Activity

Preschoolers spend a lot of time engaging in pretend play, and they learn a lot while doing so. Baking is a common pretend play activity in our house. Recently I pulled out our foam ABCs and we used them to do some pretend baking. Tinker loved it! This post contains affiliate links. To set up your own ABC cookie pretend play station, you’ll need small paper plates labeled with the lowercase letters. Place foam alphabet letters (or any similar ABC {Read More}

Dinosaur Books

This week we have a second list of dinosaur books for all the dinosaur lovers out there. Our first list focused on nonfiction Dinosaur Books and is a great list for learning about dinosaurs. This list includes silly, funny and sweet stories about dinosaurs. Dinosaur lovers will enjoy this list! Dinosaur Picture Books This post contains affiliate links. The Voyage of Turtle Rex by Kurt Cyrus – The Voyage of Turtle Rex focuses on prehistoric turtles and the dangers they encountered. {Read More}

Race Track ABC Game

I love when a simple learning activity inspires an afternoon of play. That’s exactly what happened with this race track ABC game. Not only did Tinker get to practice letter recognition and letter sounds, she also spent a lot of time engaging in pretend play. It was an afternoon well spent! One day after school I grabbed some sticky notes and a marker. After writing the lowercase letters of the alphabet on the notes I placed them in order on the {Read More}

Nonfiction Dinosaur Books

In November, Disney is releasing ‘The Littlest Dinosaur”. For dinosaur fans of all ages, we have created a list of nonfiction books that are a perfect pairing with this new movie. Before and after watching the movie the books below can help your little dinosaur fan learn more about these amazing creatures. Watch for a second dinosaur list that will include fictional books about dinosaurs. Nonfiction Dinosaur Books This post contains affiliate links. Dinosaur Books for Kids of All Ages {Read More}

Bat Headband Halloween Craft

Headband crafts can add silliness to your day, and they can also be used to support learning activities. In the past we’ve made spider headbands and monster headbands. This year we decided to make bat headbands as a fun Halloween craft. Make them after you read some books about bats. Then wear your headbands to retell stories, act out new stories, sing songs, or just to be silly flying around like pretend bats! You’ll only need a few basic craft supplies {Read More}

Yarn Painted Spider Web Halloween Craft

One year we did an entire Y is for Yarn theme, and one of the activities the kids loved was painting with yarn. It’s a simple technique that can used in so many different ways. Whether kids choose to bounce the yarn on the painting surface or drag strands of yarn across the surface they always enjoy seeing the designs that they can make. We recently used this technique again to make yarn painted spider webs to display as an {Read More}

Spider Puppet Halloween Craft

I have always loved making our spider headband craft with kids in the classroom and at home.  It’s a sure bet for creating some giggles around here! This year I decided we’d try a bit of a twist on that classic favorite and create spider puppets. They make a cute Halloween craft to hang, but this way the girls can also use them for playtime. We’ve used them to act out The Itsy Bitsy Spider, make up our own spider plays, {Read More}

Books About Firefighters and Fire Safety

Fire Safety week is in October. This is a great opportunity to introduce or review fire safety with kids. Books are a helpful tool to begin conversations about your class or family’s plan in the event of a fire. The books listed below can be used as part of a unit in your classroom or read at home. Preschoolers and early elementary kids will also enjoy the books we have listed below that tell more about what firefighters do and how to be fire {Read More}

Falling Leaves Math Activity

The girls had so much fun with our falling apples addition activity that I wanted to build on that enthusiasm with another fall inspired math activity. This is a quick and fun way to practice counting or beginning addition. Falling Leaves Math All you need are some fall leaves–real or from the store depending on what is available to you–and a container. Place leaves in the container. We used 10 leaves so we could practice counting and number combinations for 10, {Read More}