Books About Rabbits

Books About Rabbits

Bunnies are so fluffy, cuddly and gentle. There are so many wonderful stories about rabbits.  The list below includes some well-loved classics and fantastic new rabbit stories and fact books. For little ones that love rabbits, animals and all things spring this is a great list. Books About Rabbits This post contains affiliate links. Fiction Books About Rabbits Little Bunny Foo Foo: The Real Story by Cori Doerrfeld Little Bunny Foo Foo is a hilarious twist on the classic nursery {Read More}

Bug Play Dough Invitation

Bug Play Dough Invitation

Welcoming spring also means welcoming all of our bug friends back, and the girls have been having fun playing with some of their long lost pals outside. This bug play dough invitation was inspired by their love of all things creepy crawly, but don’t worry your little one doesn’t have to like bugs to have fun with this bug play dough invitation. Materials This post contains affiliate links. Playdough made from a recipe in The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book and Wilton {Read More}

Bird Nest Letter Matching Game

Broken eggs

Yesterday we shared how we used plastic eggs to practice letter recognition. The girls had so much fun pretending to be birds that we played another quick alphabet game to practice matching upper and lowercase letters. Bird Nest Letter Matching Game As we did in the original game we started with a set of plastic eggs labeled with the upper and lowercase letters. This time instead of leaving the eggs together we broke them apart. I left the halves with {Read More}

Rescue the Eggs Letter Recognition ABC Game

Check to make sure all the eggs have been rescued

Just because Easter is over doesn’t mean you have to put away the plastic eggs. In fact you can use them for all sorts of play and learning activities year round. Here we are using them in a fun ABC game that combines letter recognition practice with pretend play. Set up the ABC Game We started with a full set of plastic eggs that were labeled with the uppercase letter on one half and the lowercase letter on the other. {Read More}

Spring ABC Activities

Spring ABC Activities ~Creative ways to learn the alphabet indoors and outdoors this spring

The sunshine and mild temperatures of spring have us spending more time outdoors than inside, and the girls’ heads are full of thoughts of flowers, gardens, and other signs of spring.  This collection of ABC activities builds on that enthusiasm. Whether you’re playing outdoors or indoors these creative spring alphabet activities are sure to make learning fun this season. Outdoor Spring ABC Games Picking Flowers ABC Game from Fantastic Fun and Learning Garden ABC Hunt from Fantastic Fun and Learning Gardening for Letters from {Read More}

Flower Books For Kids

Fiction and Nonfiction Books About Flowers for Kids

Flowers are a wonderful part of nature that we can see on our dining room table, in gardens, on the side of the road and in the crack on the sidewalk. Whether you are planting a garden, fixing up your flower beds or picking flowers with your little one there is so much to learn about flowers. Below is a list of flower books you can use as you and your little one learn about flowers. Books About Flowers   {Read More}

Books About Eggs

Fiction and Nonfiction Books About Eggs

Eggs can be a mystery waiting to hatch. Inside is a baby growing and soon an animal will break out. There are so many great books that you can read as you learn and explore eggs with your little one. We have a list below of a few great books that feature stories about eggs and non-fiction books with information about eggs. Books About Eggs  Fiction Egg Books This post contains affiliate links. Hank Finds an Egg by Rebecca Dudley {Read More}

Spring Name Activities

Spring Name Activities for Kids

When first introducing kids to the alphabet many teachers suggest starting with the letters in a child’s name. You’ll find kids are very excited to learn which letters make up their very own names. And when you’re doing name activities it can be fun to tie them into a current theme of interest to your kids. This collection of name activities is full of ideas related to spring themes. If you’re little ones already know the letters in their names {Read More}

Picking Flowers ABC Game

Letter flowers for preschool alphabet activity

This time of year the girls are so excited to see all the flowers bloom around us. Since we try not to pick flowers off living plants, they eagerly search for fallen blooms they can have. To give them a chance to “pick” their own flowers, we created this fun ABC game. It’s a hands-on way to practice letter recognition and sounds as well as a great opportunity to take learning outdoors. This post contains affiliate links. I purchased a {Read More}

Gold Scavenger Hunt ABC Activity

ABC Gold Scavenger Hunt St. Patrick's Day Activity

My girls adore scavenger hunts. Whether we are on a nature walk, outside, or indoors, they love finding special things as part of a scavenger hunt. It’s easy to build on this enthusiasm by incorporating some of the learning goals they are working on. For St. Patrick’s  Day we set up this ABC gold scavenger hunt and they’ve had tons of fun searching for gold and practicing the alphabet. Materials All of our materials are from Dollar Tree, but many {Read More}

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