Books About Music

Music is something that connects people of all ages and backgrounds. It is best experienced by listening but can also be experienced through books. This week we have a list of books about music that ranges from the ABCs, to biographies, fictional stories and informational books that all focus on music. We hope these books will bring a new rhythm and sound to your library. Books About Music for Kids This post contains affiliate links. M is for Music by Kathleen Krull {Read More}

Hello Dolly! Favorite Rag Doll Shops

I still have mine.  Cloth dress, yarn hair, soft body, thirty{ish} years of love and wear…my first doll.  Along with my first baby blanket, these two items had a special place on my bed growing up and have special places in my {grown-up} home today. It is impossible to save everything, especially toys.  My childhood boxes have dwindled over the years but my first doll always makes the cut.  Not only do I save her, but she doesn’t get organized {Read More}

Transportation ABC Books

Let’s look at trains, planes, automobiles (and boats) from A to Z. If you have a little one that loves different modes of transportation we have great books to add to your reading list.  ABC books are perfect for learning new information about a topic your little one loves and practicing the alphabet. We hope the books on this list drive, fly, chug and float their way on to your bookshelf. The ABCs of Transportation This post contains affiliate links. Modes of {Read More}

Books About Grandparents

Grandparents are a unique and special gift that fill our children’s lives with sweets, fun and lots of love. If your child is lucky enough to have grandparents involved in their life you will want to celebrate them on Grandparents Day. Grandparents Day is the first Sunday after Labor Day and this year it will be on September 13th, 2015. Of course grandparents should be celebrated all year long but this day gives us a chance to really celebrate how {Read More}

Animal ABC Books

This week we are featuring an Animal ABC book list. Alphabet books can be used for kids of all ages. They are great for introducing letters to little ones, and older kids can learn new information as they read through the alphabet. The list below includes alphabet animal books for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary age kids. The list has been broken into groups based on information in the book and the style of book, and all of the books can {Read More}

Homemade No-Cook Puffy Paint Recipe

We have had a lot of fun playing with and learning about marshmallows in the past. Lately the girls have discovered marshmallow fluff, and it’s inspired a whole new series of investigations. One day we decided to see if we could use it to make our own paint recipe, and wow was it fun! We made this super gooey, edible paint with only 2 ingredients. It is safe for kids of all ages, so even babies and toddlers can enjoy this one {Read More}

Indian Corn Squish Bag

Both the preschoolers and the toddlers had so much fun with our jack-o-lantern squish bag that I thought it would be fun to create another to have up for the month of November. This Indian Corn Squish Bag has already gotten a lot of attention this week, and I’m sure the kids will continue to have fun with it throughout the month. Indian Corn Fine Motor Activity Instead of making the squish bag myself I thought Lovey would enjoy being {Read More}

Jack-o-Lantern Squish Bag for Babies and Toddlers

Looking for a fun Halloween activity for babies and toddlers? Try a jack-o-lantern squish bag (or sensory bag).  They take about two minutes to put together, and kids just love to play with them. This is one we made last year, and I’m excited to put together some new ones again this year. Sensory bags are super simple to make. Teach Preschool has an excellent sensory bags post that explains how to put them together and a tip for removing the white writing from the {Read More}

Beach Sensory Play

Today we’re featuring posts from the Discover & Explore Beach theme. Whether you’re at the beach or creating your own beach play at home, there are great opportunities for sensory play. These posts are a fun way to get started.  Beach Dough Sensory Play & Creatures (Blog Me Mom) Beachcombing at the Water Table (My Nearest & Dearest) Beach Themed Sensory Box (Buggy and Buddy) Creative Sand Play (Vicky from for Sand Tracks: Train Beach Activity & Sensory Play (Play Trains!) Beach Luau {Read More}

Maps, Apps, and Naps–Tips for Traveling with Children

This week’s theme for Discover & Explore is Vacations, and I am thrilled to have Rachael from Nothing if Not Intentional sharing our first ever guest post on this site. She knows a lot more than me about traveling with kids. Thankfully, I got to read this post before we left for vacation last week, so I could put some of her great tips to use. With a little luck and her great advice, I’m hoping to avoid one of those epic in-flight meltdown {Read More}