Candy Heart Play Dough Sight Word Play

We do a lot of open-ended play dough invitations, but sometimes I like to combine our sensory play with a specific learning goal. Both of my kids have sight words and spelling words they are required to practice each week, so we come up with a lot of fun ways to do that. If your little ones are learning sight words, use these free printable sight word cards and this candy heart play dough invitation to practice spelling sight words to go along with your Valentine’s Day theme.  This activity is also included in our heart theme preschool lesson plan sets.

candy heart play dough invitation and free printable sight word cards for preschool and kindergarten Valentine's Day activities


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As with any play dough invitation I would give kids time to freely explore the materials before asking them to build sight words. This way they’re likely to be more engaged in spelling when the time comes.

Candy Heart Spelling Valentine's Day Play Dough and Free Printable Sight Word Cards

The free printable list of heart sight word cards include the 40 prepimer sight words. If your child is working on specific words I would recommend leaving only 4-6 cards out at a time so that it is not too overwhelming.

Once kids are more familiar with the words and you are doing this as a review activity you can place all of the cards out. I’d still suggest having kids choose 5 or so cards to build instead of doing too many at one time.

If you’d like to incorporate writing, have kids record the sight words they built in a writing journal or on a Valentine themed recording sheet.

Sight word play dough for kindergarten

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Continue the Valentine’s Day Fun and Learning

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