C is for Cow: Shapes Craft

During our farm theme and letter C activities we made a cow shapes craft.

I wrote before about the skills we are learning and the step-by-step directions we follow when doing a shapes craft. These posts may be helpful to you as you guide kids through these simple shapes crafts and give them the opportunity to explore making different designs with their shapes.

We started with the shapes pictured below. For these shape activities I am still cutting out the shapes for the kids, but they practice cutting in other activities.

Shapes Craft for Preschoolers

First I gave the kids their bags full of shapes and let them explore a bit. Then I described a shape by naming its color, size, and shape. The kids found the shape(s) and we set them out on our work space.

Once we had all the shapes out of our bags I asked the kids to make some observations. The first comment was, “This circle is REALLY big.” Yes, indeed I made that circle a bit too big, but we’ll work with it. Then someone found the small circles and said, “But these one are really small.” I told them I loved how they compared the size of the circles.

After a little discussion I asked them if they wanted to see what I created with these shapes. I slowly guided them again by describing the shapes as we put together the cow. We talked a bit about half circles and I modeled making some for the kids. They always love to see these transformations, and I like to see them trying them out later on their own.

The finished cows looked like this. They soon found a new home in our cardboard barn.

Easy Shapes Craft

Finally I gave the kids a second bag with the same shapes and challenged them to play with the pieces and see what they could create. They made some interesting designs this time, but I forgot to snap a picture. Sometimes we glue these ones together and other times we place the shapes back in the bag and store them in our art area to recreate another time.

So that it’s it! It’s simple, but full of great vocabulary development, shape recognition, and chance for creativity.

This craft was inspired by this cute cow craft from Kinder By Kim. I found it on Pinterest. Looking for more farm theme ideas? You can also check out my farm theme board on Pinterest.

What is your favorite cow craft or farm theme activity?

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  1. I love shape activities! We will probably use this idea when we do the letter V in Spanish! Cow = vaca! 🙂 Thanks for sharing at “31 Days of ABCs!”

  2. very cute – looks like we both did C this week! Thank you for linking up to Learn and Link. Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks! We were actually on Letter I this week, but I didn’t quite have my post up. I thought I would share Letter C to go along with you. 🙂 I love your cat sandwich!

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