Butterfly Garden Play Dough Invitation

The girls’ grandma bought them a nature tube with beautiful butterflies during a recent visit, and we’ve been waiting for spring to arrive so we could use them for this butterfly garden play dough invitation. In the past we’ve created bug play dough and garden play dough, but we’ve never had butterflies until now!

Butterfly Garden Play Dough Invitation-Spring activity and fine motor play for kids

We’ve had this beautiful invitation out for weeks now, and the girls haven’t grown tired of making colorful butterfly gardens yet.

Butterfly Garden Play Dough Invitation


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  • Play dough-We chose to use green, but you could also add brown/black and blue to add more variety.
  • Blue glass gems
  • Toy Butterflies
  • Small flowers

Butterfly Garden Play Dough Materials

Tinker started by spreading out all the play dough to make grass. Then she meticulously added blue gems to make a large pond.

Making a butterfly garden with play dough

She then added flowers.

Preschool Activity for Spring-Make a Play Dough Butterfly Garden

Then the real play began as she helped the butterflies flutter from flower to flower sipping nectar and chatting with their butterfly friends.

Playdough Butterfly Garden

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More Fun with Play Dough

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Play Dough Butterfly Garden Preschool Activity for Spring

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  1. I love these 5part trays and have searched far and wide. Do you know where you found them, and whether they are still available?

    • I’ve always found them at Walmart in the seasonal tableware section. I haven’t checked this year, but I’ve seen them for years in a variety of colors. Dollar Tree has similar ones, but they aren’t the exact ones.

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