Building Activities for Kids-Up! From Blocks to Rockets

Whether you’re playing with wooden blocks, Lego, pattern blocks, nature blocks, homemade blocks or some other clever building blocks, building activities for kids can lead to so much learning and fun. Playing with blocks fosters creativity. It allows kids to develop problem-solving skills. And a child’s interest in blocks can be used as a tool for incorporating many other learning objectives. In our newest book Up! From Blocks to Rockets that exactly what you’ll find: 30+ projects to transform your construction play through math, literacy, science, art and more.

Up! From Blocks to Rockets

Up! Building Activities for Kids


Why you and your children will love this book

Up! will take your child’s love of blocks and building, and use that enthusiasm to explore various concepts across the curriculum.

With 30+ projects across math, literacy, science, art, and play, Up! shows you how to support passion-led, project-based, hands-on learning. It will help your child make connections, go deeper in their understanding, and encourage their questions and creativity.

It includes inspiring ideas for block play, mobiles, rockets, airplanes, parachutes, building challenges and more. AND it comes with 100 printables. The activities have been carefully chosen to offer a wide range of explorations, working across the curriculum to incorporate play, imagination, math, literacy, science, sensory and art.

All the activities in the book are FUN! Every activity has been tried, tested and approved by our children.

What you’ll get in this book

:: 30+ hands-on projects that invite your child to explore all things Up!

:: guidance on how to support your child’s interests, and how to help them expand their exploration and learning across the curriculum. This book is all about hands-on, project-based, passion-led learning.

:: multisensory activities for children aged 4 to 10

Construction and buiding activities for kids

:: resources for parents and teachers, at home or in the classroom, with ideas for indoor and outdoor learning

:: material lists, step-by-step instructions, and full colour photographs of every activity

:: suggestions for variations and extensions so you can adapt the activities to suit your child

sample page 1


:: a wide range of learning activities including:

  • Ideas to set up and develop block play
  • Activities that use blocks for math lessons, with number games, measuring activities, and shape-building challenges
  • Construction play invitations with sensory elements and imaginary play, to develop language, spelling, and storytelling, and to promote co-operation and collaboration
  • Art projects on the theme of Up! including Caulder-inspired kinetic mobiles and upright weaving
  • Prompts that encourage creative thinking and innovation: exploring the possibilities of rocks, ice, marshmallows, customising blocks with new designs, and using huge cardboard boxes that can build structures bigger than you are
  • Science projects that invite your child to think about all the other things that go Up! including homemade rockets, airplanes, parachutes, pulleys and constellations

sample page 4

:: and 100 printable pages including shape challenge cards, build challenge cards, and a set of world architecture prints.

100 printables for block corner

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