Bug Play Dough Invitation

Welcoming spring also means welcoming all of our bug friends back, and the girls have been having fun playing with some of their long lost pals outside. This bug play dough invitation was inspired by their love of all things creepy crawly, but don’t worry your little one doesn’t have to like bugs to have fun with this bug play dough invitation.

Bug Play Dough Invitation


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  • Playdough made from a recipe in The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book and Wilton Icing Colors
  • Safari Ltd Insect TOOB
  • Rocks and pebbles in assorted sizes
  • Small pieces of driftwood
  • Blue glass gems
  • Plastic leaves from fake plants to look like grass

Materials for Bug Play Dough

As Lovey gets older I wonder how long she’ll enjoy play dough invitations, she was the first to dive into this one so it gave me a little insight and confirmed some of my original thoughts. Although she’s been playing with play dough for years now, she experiences it differently as she gets older. At 6, her creations are more about story telling and creating small worlds than they were when she first begin exploring with play dough to experience the sensory elements.

Bug Small World

With this bug invitation she immediately began creating a small world. She started with a small blue river. Then she added some rocks, grass, and benches.  Later she added additional structures as she experimented with balance and gravity.

Play Dough Activity for Preschoolers

Then she added final touches like this person and her purse.

Play Dough Creations

One by one the bugs joined in the story until she had created a full bug small world.

Bug Small World with Play Dough


Bug Play Dough Invitation

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