Bottle Cap Fine Motor Play

There are so many simple and fun ways to practice fine motor skills. This bottle cap fine motor activity is one of our favorite low prep activities to pull out when we need a quick boredom buster. It’s also a great way to keep little hands busy while working on schoolwork with an older sibling.

Bottle Cap Fine Motor Water Play Activity

You’ll need an assortment of bottle caps, a small dish of water and at least one pipette (affiliate link). I like to place all the materials together on a tray (or baking sheet) to catch the over spill and make clean up easier.

Fine Motor Water Play for Toddlers

Tinker will sit with this activity for extended periods of time. Usually she starts by trying to fill individual lids. Every time she fills and empties the pipette she’s working out those fine motor muscles.

Bottle Cap Fine Motor Activity

She’s also starting to notice some beginning measurement concepts along the way. Here she’s investigating how much water is in the pipette. She noticed there are numbers on the side, and she’s starting to try and see how full she can get the pipette each time.

Beginning Measurement for Preschoolers

She gives her proud scientist smile when she fills it all the way up!

Proud Scientist

And sometimes she experiments with distance. She’s learning how far she can make the water shoot from the pipette and how much force is needed to do so.. She’s also working on her aim as she tries to make the water go into a lid on the far side of the tray.

Measuring Distance~Water Play for Preschoolers

Those are just a few of the many ways significant learning happens during an activity that seems like “just playing.” 🙂

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  1. What a great idea! My daughter will love this! Pinning!

  2. What a fun way to learn, after all every kid loves to play with water! 🙂 Pinned and shared!

  3. What a great game! My daughter seems to have much better large motor skills than fine ones. This will definitely interest and help her. Thanks for sharing!

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