Books About the Library

The library is one of my favorite memories as a child. My mom would take my sisters and me to the library to pick out books every week or so. There are so many amazing things that you can discover when you begin searching through the library shelves. The books on this list remind me of the magic that can be found in a library.

Books about the Library

Children's Books About the Library

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Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen

Library Lion is a heartwarming story of a lion that comes to the library one day and becomes a very special friend to everyone there. I loved this story from beginning to end.

That Book Woman by Heather Henson

That Book Woman is based on the real Pack Horse Librarians that worked in the Appalachian Mountains. In this story, Cal’ does not see any reason for that woman to bring books to his house, he doesn’t need the books. Over time as he sees his sister read and the dedication the Book Woman has to deliver her books, even in a snowstorm, he has a change of heart. I love this story for so many reasons.  It is great for teaching students about Appalachian culture and the history of libraries in rural areas.

The Midnight Library by Kazuno Kohara

The Midnight Library is a special library that is only open at night. Animals come to the library after sunset to read and checkout books. The book’s illustrations are in blue, yellow and black which makes the pictures very bold.

I.Q. Goes to the Library by MaryAnn Fraser

In I.Q. Goes to the Library, I.Q. discovers the school’s library during Library Week. This is a great story to read with a class or your own child before visiting the library.

The Library by Sarah Stewart

The Library tells the story of Elizabeth Brown who from a young age loved books. Throughout her life she read and collected books, until her books filled her house and there was no room left. I love the silly rhyming story and how much Elizabeth Brown loves to read.

B is for Bookworm: a Library Alphabet by Anita C Prieto

B is for Bookworm takes you around the library from A to Z. Each page includes an illustration of the item that represents the letter and a sidebar with facts giving additional details.

A Library Book for Bear by Bonny Becker

A Library Book for Bear is a fun story about Bear and Mouse when they take a trip to the library. Bear is quite sure that his seven books at home are all he needs and that the library will have nothing that he could want to read. Mouse is persistent and knows that there is a book for bear if he will just quiet down and look or listen.

The Lonely Book by Kate Bernheimer

The Lonely Book is the story of a picture book which is about a girl that lives under a toadstool. When the book was new there was a waiting list for the book, but over the years it becomes a worn, old book that is rarely checked out, until Alice finds it.

The Library Dragon by Carmen Agra Deedy

The Library Dragon tells the tale of a dragon that runs the school library. This dragon does not want children reading the books, touching the books or most of all checking books out. All this changes when Molly Brickmeyer walks into the library. This is a fun story that reminds us that children are the most important part of a library.

Please, Louise by Toni Morrison

Please, Louise is the story of a little girl’s walk to the library and how the library makes her feel like she is not alone. The story is told in rhyme and reminds us that we can find friends of all kinds in books and when we stop to look around.

Read It, Don’t Eat It! By Ian Schoenherr

Read It, Don’t Eat It is a colorful, fun book filled with simple reminders of how to handle library books. Each set of pages has a bold color page with a short rhyming rule and a partner page with fun animal illustrations to match. This is a great book for little ones that are checking books out for the first time.

No Pirates Allowed! Said Library Lou by Rhonda Gowler Greene

Big Pirate Pete has a map that shows there is treasure in the library. Library Lou helps Big Pirate Pete find the treasure that is hidden in the library. As readers will learn, the treasure in the library is not gold or jewels but all the things you can discover in a book.

The Boy and the Book by David Michael Slater

A young boy finds a book at the library and does not treat the book very nice. The other books in the library rescue the book from the boy, but the boy soon realizes what he has lost. This is a wordless book that is great for teaching kids how to treat books and act in the library.

What is your favorite library memory or book?

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  1. I have read many of these and you have compiled some lovely suggestions. I also adore Born to Read by Judy Sierra, I Like Books by Anthony Browne, Books are Fun by Geri Schobert, Read Anything Good Lately by Susan Allen and Jane Lindaman, and Bite Me, I’m a Book by Sarah Weeks. Among these books are instructions on using books to defend yourself against a giant, an alphabetical list of different types of genres, a preschoolers take on types of books, a funny book about what babies do with books and a vintage golden shape book that teaches different uses for books – including the antiquated telephone books! As you can tell, I love books about books. Thanks for introducing me to some new ones – I am eager to check them out from my local library!

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