Books for Kids

So much can be learned by reading together regularly. We love to integrate many books into our learning activities. Over the years I’ve tried to share many of our favorites so that it’s easier for parents and teachers to gather books to use at home and in the classroom. Below you’ll find all of our book lists in one place for your convenience.

Book Lists for Kids-Favorite books for preschool and early childhood themes and topics

All of our Book Lists in Alphabetical Order by Topic

Books About America and the 4th of July

American Places ABC Books

Animal ABC Books

Animals of Australia Books

Books About Famous Artists, Art, and Museums

Books About Being an Artist

Picture Books About Art-Painting and Drawing

Baseball Books

Bat Books

Beach Books

Birthday Books

Bubble Books

Books About Camping

Christmas Song Books

Cinderella Books

Books About Colonial America

Cookbooks for Kids

Counting Books

Books About Cowboys and Cowgirls

Books About Dads

Fiction Books About Dinosaurs

Nonfiction Books About Dinosaurs

Books About Dogs

Books About Eggs

Fall ABC Books

Farm Theme Books

Books About Firefighters and Fire Safety

First Day of School Books

Fish Books

Five Senses Books

Football Books

Books About Friendship

Gingerbread Man Books

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Books

Books About Grandparents

11 Not-So-Spooky Halloween Books

Horse Books

Jack and the Beanstalk Books

Make reading even more fun by trying one of these silly character voices!

Books About Kindergarten

Books About Knights, Princesses, Dragons, and Castles

Books About the Library

Books About Mom

Monster Books

Moon Books

Books About Music

100th Day of School Books

Books About Opposites

Panda Books

Penguin Books

Polar Animal Books

Books About Rabbits

Books About Rain and Rainbows

Rain Forest Books

Red Riding Hood Books

Reindeer Books

Rocket Books

Books About Rocks

Books About School for Kids Ages 7-10

School Books About Teachers, Recess, the Bus and More

Books About Seeds

Sign Language Books for Kids

Books About Skeletons and Bones

Snow Books

Spider Books

Spring ABC Books

Star Books

St. Patrick’s Day Books

Summer Books

Three Little Pig Books

Transportation ABC Books

Books About Trees

Turtle Books

Twelve Days of Christmas Picture Books

Books About Underground Animal Books

Vegetable Books

Whale Books

Winter ABC Books

ABC Books Around the World

Best Books for Kids