Bird Art with 2D Shapes

As we continue our investigation of birds, I wanted to provide my preschooler with an art invitation that also combined a little math.  I just love cross curricular learning activities!  I set up an invitation to create birds by giving her a variety of shapes that included ovals, circles, rectangles, triangles, and semicircles.

Create bird art with 2D Shapes. Help preschoolers and kindergarteners learn to create new things out of shapes with this bird theme idea

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Materials Needed

  • Construction paper cut into assorted shapes
  • Card stock for background
  • Glue stick

Creating Your Bird Art

Once the colorful shapes were all laid out, we did a quick review and also discussed which shapes might be used for the different body parts of birds.

We used a light blue piece of card stock to represent the sky and also create a sturdy surface for our art.  Prior to gluing any shapes down, I suggested mapping out her ideas by placing the shapes where she thought they should go.  This allowed her to make any adjustments to her bird while also encouraging more discussion about their features.

The first bird she created was “flying right to us;” we could see both wings, eyes, and feet.

She wanted the next bird to be “resting in a nest,” so she created a side view of the bird.  I was really amazed with her spatial reasoning and placement of the shapes! 

As soon as her art invitation was complete, she wanted to display her creation and head back outside to find more birds.  We grabbed our binoculars and listened for their songs as we enjoyed our time together bird watching.  I may just have a future ornithologist on my hands!


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