Big Bug Art for Creative Kids

We had so much fun with the art techniques we used creating ladybug art that I wanted to include a similar art invitation in our bug theme preschool lesson plans (available in variations for the home and classroom). Here we use some of our favorite stamping methods and a few added details to create a BIG bug art collage. This is terrific to do as a collaborative activity with multiple kids. Everyone can add their own unique touch to the final artwork.

big bug collaborative art invitation. spring art activity for kids

Gather Your Materials for the Bug Art Invitation

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For this activity we used:

Bug Art Materials

Create Your Insect Art 

Before doing this activity we discussed what we know about the parts of an insect. During our bug theme the kids were also looking at diagrams of insects and learning about different characteristics of specific bugs, so this activity built on that prior knowledge.

We started by stamping with the cardboard tubes and pom poms. The kids outlined different insect bodies and added wings to some of them.

Stamping Insect Art for Preschool

Then we carefully added details with the permanent markers. (You could let the paint dry first if you think your kids will have trouble drawing without touching the paint)

Adding details to bug art with permanent marker

Finally the kids asked for some googly eyes and extra embelishments to add more detials to their bugs.

Adding details to bug art collage

Some of their bugs were realistic. Others were their own creations. Welcome the variation and creativity!

Insect Art Activity

Get a Full Week of Insect Theme Learning and Play

Save time and get right to the playful learning with our printable lesson plan sets. Each set includes over 30 playful learning activities related to the theme, and we’ve provided different versions for home preschool families and classroom teachers so all activities are geared directly toward your needs.

 This set includes active hands-on learning ideas and the following printables:

1) Editable Name Bug Activity
2) Counting Insect Parts Diagram and Math Activity
3) Here is the Insect Emergent Reader (3 Variations)
4) Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet and Hand Lens Letter Cards
5) Insect Life Cycle Recording Sheet
6) Insect Counting Puzzles (3 Variations)
7) Insect Patterning Cards
8) Insect Roll and Graph Games (2 Versions)
9) Insect Build A Word Mats
10) Lightning Bug Numbers Counting Activity
11) Insect Size Sorting Activity
12) Insect or Not an Insect Sorting Activity

Get Your Lesson Plans

Home Preschool Insect Theme Lesson Plans

Preschool Classroom Insect Theme Lesson Plans


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