Bat -AT Word Family Game

Last week when I shared our egg carton bat craft and play ideas I told you we’d be sharing some of the learning activities inspired by this craft. Today’s activity is a word family game that is a fun hands-on way for learning to make and read new words.

-AT Word Family Game for Kids

To make the game we started with the basic materials we used to make the bat craft. You can see the full bat craft tutorial here.  Then we used a glitter glue pen to write “at” on one of the bat wings and initial consonants on the  remaining wings.

I chose to only list consonants that would make real words, and they aren’t all shown in the image below. You could add additional consonants and also include some that make nonsense words so your child can identify which words are real words and which words are nonsense words.

Bat Word Family Activity Materials

Then during literacy time I set the bat with the “at” wing already in place next to the other wings on the table.

-at word family fine motor activity

Lovey took turns adding the initial consonants and reading the new words she made.

-at word family game for Halloween

And then each little bat had to take a quick flight around the room!

Tomorrow we’ll be back to share a little math inspired by this craft, too.


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