Ping Pong Count and Push Math Play

My toddler had so much fun pushing ping pong balls through a shoe box with our Ping Pong Name Recognition Activity that I decided to build on that enthusiasm and extend it to a math activity as well.  I just love it when I can re-purpose a learning activity across the curriculum!  As my little one is beginning to show interest in counting and numbers,  I felt a hands-on way such as this would be a great introduction to early {Read More}

Water Play Alphabet Activities

As summer is quickly approaching, I am looking for lots of ways to keep my little ones busy and their minds sharp.  Given that my girls both love water, I wanted to find some ways to let them simultaneously play and learn about the alphabet with water. Whether you’re looking for something to do outside to cool off or simply have some water play fun inside, we’ve found a wide variety of alphabet water play activities to keep you and {Read More}

Alphabet Activities that Get Kids Moving

I’m always looking for new and fun ways to engage my children in practicing the alphabet.  With summer right around the corner, I knew I needed some fresh alphabet activities that would get them moving and learning at the same time! When children combine gross motor activity with learning, the benefits are amazing.  Gross motor activity engages the whole body, as they are developing skills such as balance and hand-eye coordination to hop, run, skip, throw, or kick.  Young children {Read More}

Ping Pong Push Name Recognition Activity

Learning to recognize and spell your name is an important skill for preschoolers.  After all, the letters that make up their name are a very special part of who they are!  That’s why I like to begin with name recognition when introducing letters to little learners.  The excitement and personal ownership of this new found skill make name recognition activities very valuable! We recently set up a hands-on interactive way to practice name spelling and recognition.  All it took was {Read More}

Bird Art with 2D Shapes

As we continue our investigation of birds, I wanted to provide my preschooler with an art invitation that also combined a little math.  I just love cross curricular learning activities!  I set up an invitation to create birds by giving her a variety of shapes that included ovals, circles, rectangles, triangles, and semicircles. Get a full week of bird theme lesson plans for  Home Preschool or your Preschool Classroom. Materials Needed Construction paper cut into assorted shapes Card stock for background Glue {Read More}

Bird Nest Sensory Bin

As Spring is in full swing, we have really noticed the birds out and about.  They greet us every morning chirping and singing their cheerful songs.  We even have a cardinal and sparrow family nesting in our yard!  It’s so exciting to witness nesting and new life in our own backyard! Get a full week of bird theme lesson plans for  Home Preschool or your Preschool Classroom. Affiliate links included. As we are learning about birds and their nesting habits, I decided {Read More}

Puddle Jumping Sight Word Game

April showers bring May flowers!  Here in Florida, we get afternoon showers quite often.  I don’t always resort to staying inside if it’s a rainy day.  We’ll sometimes just head on out with our rain boots and dance in the rain!  My oldest loves to find the biggest puddle she can and jump right in.  What kid doesn’t love jumping in puddles?  I consider it a childhood rite of passage!  This rainy day fun sparked an idea for learning.  We {Read More}

Rainbow Play Dough Color Matching Caterpillar

Color recognition is a basic skill for toddlers that can easily be integrated into a variety of ways to practice.  A hands-on repetitive activity helps to increase recognition while building on new vocabulary.  As we’ve learned about the colors of the rainbow and now moved on to exploring bugs, I decided to combine both topics with a rainbow play dough color matching caterpillar activity for my toddler. This color matching activity is a tactile way to combine color recognition with {Read More}

Spring Flower Art Invitation

To celebrate the first day of Spring, we decided to plant some flowers.  My girls excitedly ran up and down the aisles of our local garden center smelling and eyeing the rainbow of colors until they found the perfect ones to bring home.  After we got our flowers into the soil and gave them plenty to drink, I decided to follow up on the fun with a flower art invitation.  Materials to Create a Spring Flower Art Invitation Affiliate links {Read More}

The Cutest Bug Theme Healthy Snacks for Kids

Spring is in the air!  Everywhere we look we see new growth and colors sprouting.  The days are also starting to get longer, giving us some extra time to play and explore outside.  Lately, my  toddler has really taken an interest in discovering  new bugs.  She’ll get down to their eye level to inspect these tiny and curious new creatures.  Given her new fascination and the seasonal change, it only seemed perfect that we dive into learning about bugs.   {Read More}