5 Reasons to Attend an Education Conference

The field of education can sometimes feel very isolating. Whether we’re teaching at home or in a classroom it can be easy to get so focused on the day-to-day tasks required of our busy schedules that we don’t take time to reach out to other educators for advice and support. Attending an education conference can be such a terrific experience in so many ways.

This summer I’m over the moon excited to be a blog ambassador for the Frog Street Splash Early Childhood Education Conference. While I’ve been to other education conferences over the years, this will be my first year going to Splash.

I hear it is amazing, the perfect mix of fun and information! Will any of YOU be attending? If so, leave a comment below. I’d love to meet you while I’m there.

I’ll also be sharing more about my trip on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram throughout the conference. If you can’t be there in person, follow along with me via social media!

So why should you attend an education conference?

To be around people who GET you

Let’s face it. Unless you are an educator you really don’t get the mix of struggles and triumphs we face in this field. Attending an education conference means you get quality time with others who know exactly what you are going through. This can be priceless!

To make new friends to support you long after the conference

I always meet terrific people at conferences. Some of them are people I chat with in passing at a session, but often there are a handful of people I really connect with and keep in touch with long after the conference is over. Having someone you can chat with even from a distance can be a wonderful means of ongoing support.

To learn new teaching strategies

As educators we’re committed to lifelong learning. Attending a conference means we get a wealth of new information to soak up and bring back to try in our teaching. Great conferences offer a wide variety of sessions so there is always something that grabs my attention even after years in this field.

To bring back new resources!

And let’s not forget the NEW stuff we get to bring back! I love being able to see and feel new educational curriculum, games, and resources. At conferences we have a ton of these materials all in one place!

Many conferences also offer Make and Take sessions where you can make the materials you learn about and head home ready to teach with them right away. Score! Here’s a glimpse at a fabulous Make and Take session they’re offering at Splash this summer.

To get re-energized

Finally, and perhaps one of my favorite reasons to attend a conference, is that I always come back absolutely pumped with renewed energy and excitement. That’s something I can’t duplicate anywhere else but at an education conference.

I hope to see you at Splash!

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  1. That is exactly how I feel when I attend Frog Street! I hope I make it this year and will stop by to say hi if I do!

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