4th of July Craft Bracelet for Kids

We like to do some festive activities as we lead up to big holidays, and the Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. No major planning, no stress, just family, fun and fireworks! As we get ready this year we made these simple bracelets as a quick and easy 4th of July Craft. The girls wear them during dress up now, and they’ll be fun to wear for parties and parades as we get closer to the July.

DIY Bracelet 4th of July Craft for Kids

For this project we used red, white and blue chenille stems that we were given by craftprojectideas.com. I cut the blue and white stems into 2-inch pieces, and the red stems into 6 inch pieces.

4th of July Bracelet

After looping some of the blue and white pieces together, I made stars using the long red pieces.

Pipe Cleaner Star

You can see a complete video showing how to make the stars and the bracelets here.

After making a few stars we looped the blue and white circles through the points of the stars to make a bracelet. You could also make a necklace or garland.

Red White and Blue Bracelet Summer Craft

In total these took about 5 minutes to make, and the girls are tickled to have some red, white and blue to wear.

Fourth of July Craft for Kids~Bracelet

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